Masha Chistyakova-Andreini

  • Violoniste

Violon / Violin

Masha Andreini studied violin at the Moscow Central Special Music School and Moscow Conservatory. In 1990, she came to the United States to study with renowned professors Almita and Roland Vamos. During her studies, she won and participated in national and international competitions. Andreini has given numerous recitals in Russia, Europe and the United States, and has performed with prominent orchestras such as Gorky State Philharmonic Orchestra (Russia), Orquesta de Julian Orbon (Spain) and the Moscow Virtuosi chamber orchestra, both as soloist and as an orchestra member. In 2006 she joined CityMusic Cleveland chamber orchestra where she currently serves as an assistant concertmaster. In 2020 she joined the violin preparatory faculty at Cleveland Institute of Music.



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