The summer academy welcomes students from conservatories, music schools, and young professionals. Students have the option to register for the short session that includes 4 private lessons or, the long session which includes 6 private lessons with faculty.  Students also have the opportunity to perform at a student recital and a collaborative pianist is available. 


If you are a current student of our faculty or have been recommended by one of them, there is no need to audition. If you are a new student, we ask that you submit a recording up to 10mn of two contrasting pieces via private link (youtube or similar platform).


Dear students,

It is with great regret that we resolved to CANCEL our SUMMER SESSION in July 2020.

Taking into account the health risks which still remain significant, uncertainties concerning the development of the situation and the impossibility of guaranteeing professors and students helth, technical and administrative staff helth, we are forced to make this difficult decision.

We give you an appointment in July 2021 !

We hope that no pandemic will damage your health and your love for music.

    Short sessions : July 19-26 2020 or July 24-31 2020 - CANCELLED

    Click here for registration and tuition info

    Full session : July 19-31 2020 - CANCELLED

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    Max Zorin
    Zacharia Zorin
    Alissa Margulis: july 24-31
    Nina Millet
    Timothy Lees
    Yulia Berinskaya: july 19-26
    Tracy Ho


    Catharine Lees
    Aurélienne Brauner
    Valérie Aimard
    Matthieu Lejeune


    Esther Brayer
    Vincent Balse
    Emmanuelle Le Cann
    Kazuko Hiyama


    Richard Rimbert: july 19-26


    Chamber music :
    Various chamber music ensembles for students with a minimum  level of a pre-college program.

    Professors : Vincent BalseEsther BrayerCatharine Lees  


    Orchestra excerpts :

    Taught by seasoned professionals, this workshop is designed to cater to both aspiring orchestral musicians, and young professionals preparing for orchestra auditions. This workshop can be taken as a comprehensive course with no obligation to register for private lessons.

    Professorrs : Timothy LeesEsther Brayer 

    Introduction to the art of the mime :

    Step into the silent world of mime alongside Valérie Aimard, cellist and mime artist. Imagine yourself for an instant as a tree, a bird, or the sun ; personify the emotions of joy, of sadness, of anger.  Explore this passionate world of silent articulation through corporal gesture, respiration, and imagination… This workshop is open to all who are eager to discover the freedom of movement through mime, and how artistic expression can enhance a musician’s stage presence.

    Professor : Valérie Aimard  

    Contrôle du corps et maitrise respiratoire :

    Accentuating the importance of body control and proper breathing practice, which is essential for all violinists, this workshop develops the following concepts :

    • physical positioning
    • mental awareness and a relaxed body
    • breath control

    The workshop is divided into two parts :

    1. A general presentation
    2. A private individual consultation to discern specific personal needs.

    Professeur :  Tracy Ho  

    The Workshops are open as a fully-fledged discipline, with no obligation to register for an instrument course


    Château de Moulerens, 2 Rue de Pichey 33170 GRADIGNAN


    Situated in a large park, 10km from Bordeaux, the Château De Moulerens offers a favorable place for practice, study and live. Student with full board get individual rooms with private bath, three meals a day, access to a gym, tennis court, soccer field, and an Olympic swimming pool. 

    Minors (-18) are supervised by a team of professional counselors.


    ARRIVAL & DEPATURE : A bus will be available from the main train station: Saint-Jean de Bordeaux July 19, 2020 at 15:15. The bus will leave from the station around 15:15. Please send us your departure and arrival information no later than June 20, 2020. Students arriving by air will be greeted at the airport by our team and taken by car. If you arrive by car, please let us know by email when you plan to arrive. Students will receive an email with the hosts’ contacts.

    INSURANCE : Students must be fully covered by insurance, including health and instrument insurance.

    OTHER DETAILS : Each student must bring a music stand, scores, and concert attire (black pants or skirt, black shoes, white shirt). 

    Room keys that are not returned will incur a fee of 30€. Rooms must be left fairly clean. A fee of 50€ may occur for additional cleaning service if deemed necessary by the staff. 

    Bedding is provided. Please bring your own beach towels.