2 Summer Sessions –

July 13-20, 2019

July 13-26, 2019

2 Summer Sessions –

July 13-20, 2019

July 13-26, 2019

2 Summer Sessions –

July 13-20, 2019

July 13-26, 2019

Master Classes are open to all professional and amateur musicians. Our goal is to enhance the training of young professional musicians preparing for their future careers, and to encourage amateurs to accomplish their goals. Students have the possibility of studying a classical and contemporary repertoire through both private instruction and group classes.

Each year students come from around the world to benefit from the advice and guidance of professors from the most prestigious French and international schools.

2 Sessions:

  • Short session – July 13-20, 2019 (includes 4 private lessons)
  • Long session – July 13-26, 2019 (includes 6 private lessons)


The intensive courses are recommended for :

  • conservatory students
  • young professional musicians
  • amateur musicians

Instruments – Professors

VIOLIN: Max ZorinZacharia Zorin , Nina Millet , Timothy LeesYulia BerinskayaTracy Ho , Christos Galileas
VIOLA:   Catharine Lees
CELLO:  Aurélienne BraunerValérie AimardMatthieu Lejeune
DOUBLE BASS:  Esther Brayer
PIANO:  Vincent BalseEmmanuelle Le CannKazuko Hiyama
CLARINET:  Richard Rimbert

Group Sessions and Workshops

Académie de musique classique en Gironde, Rencontre Musicales Internationales des Graves et Musique en Graves

Chamber Music

Various chamber music ensembles for students with a minimum level of a pre-college program.

Professors:  Vincent BalseEsther BrayerCatharine Lees
Académie de musique classique en Gironde, Rencontre Musicales Internationales des Graves et Musique en Graves

Orchestral Repertory Workshop

Taught by seasoned professionals, Orchestral Repertory Workshop is designed to cater to both aspiring orchestral musicians, and young professionals preparing for orchestra auditions.

This workshop can be taken as a comprehensive course with no obligation to register for private lessons.

Professors Aurélienne BraunerEsther Brayer
Académie de musique classique en Gironde, Rencontre Musicales Internationales des Graves et Musique en Graves

Workshop “Introduction to the Art of Mime”

Step into the silent world of mime alongside Valérie Aimard, cellist and mime artist. Imagine yourself for an instant as a tree, a bird, or the sun ; personify the emotions of joy, of sadness, of anger. Explore this passionate world of silent articulation through corporal gesture, respiration, and imagination… This workshop is open to all who are eager to discover the freedom of movement through mime, and how artistic expression can enhance a musician’s stage presence.

ProfessorValérie Aimard
Académie de musique classique en Gironde, Rencontre Musicales Internationales des Graves et Musique en Graves

Workshop “Breath Support and Body Control for the Violinist”

Accentuating the importance of body control and proper breathing practice, which is essential for all violinists, this workshop develops the following concepts :
– physical positioning
– mental awareness and a relaxed body
– breath control
The workshop is divided into two parts :
1. A general presentation
2. A private individual consultation to discern specific personal needs.

Professor Tracy Ho  
Collaborative Pianists:  Vincent Balse, Emmanuelle Le CannKazuko Hiyama


The Music Academy has the benefit of being flexible. Our goal is to adapt as much as possible to the needs of each student.

The student thus has the option of registering uniquely for group classes if desired.


Performances and Festival :
Students get a taste for being on stage by participating in performances and concerts which are open to the public. (selections are made by the professor).

The Spring Session presents the Festival, “Springtime Concertini – from Maestro to Student” These free concerts performed by the students and their professors are held at 6:30 pm in the Meeting Hall at the Château Moulerens.

Students showing a high level of competency will be given the excellent opportunity to play alongside professional musicians during the Musique en Graves Festival in July. We are proud to be able to contribute to the successful careers of many students.

Professional and Cultural Rendezvous

The Music Academy offers not only an excellent opportunity to polish one’s technique with quality professors, but it is also a meeting of professional artists and composers in residence.

Each festival concert provides a perfect juncture to observe these artists at work. Students are encouraged to attend the concerts regularly. (Transportation and concert costs are covered by the association for all students.)

Practical Information


Each student is expected to have health and accident insurance coverage as well as insurance for all personal effects including musical instruments.


Students must provide their own music stands, all music scores (personal and piano accompaniment), as well as concert dress: black trousers (or skirt / dress), white shirt, black shoes.


Shuttle service is provided from the Gare SNCF Saint-Jean, Bordeaux to Gradignanleaving at 3:00 pm, July 13, 2019.

Please inform us of your arrival and departure details before June 20, 2019.

For those arriving by car, please communicate your estimated time of arrival.


Short Session: Arrival Saturday, July 13 – Departure Sunday, July 20
Long Session: Arrival Saturday, July 13 – Departure Friday, July 26


  • Airport: Bordeaux Mérignac
  • Train station: Gare Saint-Jean, Bordeaux
  • By car:
    Château de Moulerens
    2 rue Pichey
    33170 Gradignan

Rooms must be vacated no later than 10:00 am July 26, 2019. There will be a 30 € charge for any unreturned room key. Thank you for leaving the rooms tidy and clean for the housekeeping staff. Dirty or untidy rooms will be charged an additional 50€.


Château de Moulerens, 2 Rue de Pichey – 33170 GRADIGNAN

The Château de Moulerens has welcomed our professors and students for many years, and has proven to be a conducive venue for work and relaxation. At the heart
of a large acreage, the lovely complex includes private rooms for full board students, a concert hall, practice rooms, dining facility, and multiple sports equipment. Half board rates for day students are also available.

Non-accompanied minors are under the responsibility of their professors during lesson times. After lessons they will be cared for by a team of professional staff.

Registration for The Academy, Summer Session

For application, fees, and payment methods